In the developed world, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) has today become the unchallenged reference functional neurosurgery procedure for several clinical indications and in several brain targets.

This has been at the expenses of stereotactic lesioning procedures that have but almost disappeared both clinically and academically from the teaching and training of young neurosurgeons.

However, for various reasons, -economic, geographic or other-, there is still a need for stereotactic lesional techniques that are well controlled and well performed in order to benefit patients in whom functional neurosurgery is required.

Today, only senior functional neurosurgeons still have the skills necessary to perform proper stereotactic functional lesional procedures, but this whole field is at risk of extinction when these neurosurgeons are no longer.

Contrary to stimulation techniques that are extremely supported by industry, lesional techniques are no longer taught and are not interesting for manufacturers of DBS devices.

As a group of international functional neurosurgeons, we wish to establish a practical course aiming at teaching stereotactic lesional techniques to younger colleagues.

This course will be held in Marseille, France, on 28-29 October 2019.


Professor Rees COSGROVE
Brigham and Women Hospital, Boston, USA

Professor Marwan HARIZ
Umea University Hospital, Sweden

Professor Jean REGIS
Hôpital de la Timone, Marseille, France

Professor Takaomi TAIRA
Tokyo Women's Medical University, Tokyo, Japan